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SS501 in HongKong Picking up Gals, Heo Young Saeng throwing Cigarette Butt

Korean Boyband 「SS501」leader, Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng were seen late night yesterday at Hong Kong Lam Kuai Fong with 2 hot looking gals. Gals who spotted them were screaming and the 2 of them were seen taking a cab together with the gals leaving. Before leaving, Heo Young Saeng was seen throwing the cigarette butt and touching his lower body.

Kim Hyun Joong appearing at Lam Kawi Fong
SS501 had came for their fan meeting in late June. Maybe due to their tight schedule, they were unable to enjoy and have fun. After a month, Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng was found to be in Hong Kong secretly enjoying the night life. Last night at around 1:30am, Kim Hyun Joong was seen at Lam Kwai Fong which cause some stirring among the ladies crowd. He had a can of "Red Bull" and was looking around for someone. After 5mins, a man holding 2 bottle of "Red Bull" appeared calling out to him. It was Heo Young Saeng.
2 of them walked to Wellington Street and met up with 2 gals wearing black spaghetti strap dress. When Heo Young Saeng saw the gals, he was smiling happily while the 2 gals were talking to Kim Hyun Joong non stop. Thereafter, Kim Hyun Joong flagged down a cab and was very gentlemanly opening the door for the gals to board. On the other hand, Heo Young Saeng was smoking and before boarding the cab, he took 2 more puffs and threw the cigarette butt on the ground without putting it off and touched his lower body. Thus was being said as inconsiderate and rude.

Source 2
Translations : miyo@soompi

No offence to SS501 fans... I love them too.. I just find this news real ridiculous.. and please bear in mind that.. most HK and TW's reporters loves to stirr up news.. IMO
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