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Crystal Heng

New 4-member mixed group B2Y to bring the disco craze back

4-member group B2Y (Babyboys To Yearningirls) is set to debut in the Kpop zone.

With members born in 1988 – JinWoong, Rika, Nara and eldest HanYeon (26) will bringing the disco craze to the teenagers.</b> Normally for a group 1 to 2 of the members will be the main vocal while the others will be the rapper and doing the dancing, but for B2Y there will be 3 main vocals and 1 rapper.

They will be bringing up the retro craze with songs of the same feelings as ABBA’s ‘Mama Mia’ and Grease’s ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Even though this is the genre which people in the 30s and 40s will be familiar be, this group will be targeting at the teenager listeners.

All 4 members are known to be mulitainer who are vocally strong, ability to play musical instruments and also winners at ‘UlJjang competition’.

Rika, who took part in the musical ‘Rent’ this year, is also known to be the merry-maker of the group. While JinWoong who is currently in a theatre group in university and was the lead vocal to a downtown rock band.

Nara who graduated from national arts high school, won a daesang at the national traditional music competition performing the gayageum. HanYeon, who is the leader of the group, debuted as a uljjang model and is versed in drums percussion performance.

This group is a group groomed by Lee JungMoo who did music for Kim JongKook and Jo SungMo etc for a few years.


Honestly, I'm only posting this because I first read B2Y as BY2, so I thought the Singaporean twins, BY2, were debuting in Korea, LOL!

Multitainer = Multi-entertainer. Or all-rounded entertainer.
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