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NaRi before vs NaRi after

Miss Korea 2008 NaRi represents Korea for Miss Universe.

She has donned the bikini for the presentation show for 2009 Miss Universe on 17th August in Paradise Island in Atlantis.

And Korean netizens compare her bikini photo now and when she was at the Miss Korea 2008 pageant.

For the presentation show, the contestants have to do a swimming suit parade, evening dress parade and individual interview sections. And the points from this round will decide which national contestants will move on in the pageant.

During the 2009 Miss Korea pageant this year when NaRi appeared to pass over the tiara to the newly crowned Miss Korea earlier this year, she was being once again been the topic amongst netizens who thought she looked like she underwent the knife to do fix her nose.

Meanwhile, ‘2009 Miss Universe’ finals will take place on 24th August.

Koreans say:

* “Why is her chest like that?”
* “Why do I keep looking at her nose?”
* “She is perfectly…. short”
* “Ahh embarrassing”
* “Her chest is totally big”
* “Nose……”

Source: sookyeong & TheMichelleRouillard

- This year's Miss Korea here
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