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2ne1 me2day updates + autograph translations

A sexy, spectacled, midriff-showing CL welcomes you to this post.
CL: The glasses Dara unnie bought! From Philippines!

Tamtam got a pillow too!
Dara: The baby heart pillow I bought for TamTam from the Philippines!!! (TamTam) who always wanted Dara omma’s heart pillow now gets the right size one for itselfㅋ TamTam ah thank you~ Of course!!^^

So I got a sore throat.
Dara: Wassup we 2ne1!!!! We finally got together as a team!!!ㅠㅠ Ong ong ong… I missed you!!! After the 4 members are back together again, we laughed like crazy and my neck hurts now from laughing and I laughed so much even my stomach aches now ㅋ this ladies!!! ㅋHow we spent this 4 daysㅋAlright continue on with singing practice!^^Bbyong~!

Time for vocals
Minji: vocal time~!

Sleeping GAHO
Minji: GaHo who is sleeping; cute right? Even though it’s a little too small, the colours fit~!

Sleeping GAHO
Minji: I bought clothes for GaHo from GwangJoo, the neck portion looks like it doesn’t fit well;all the wrinkles came outㅠ


Question: How did you feel when you got the first mutizen award?
Bom: When I first got it.. I was too excited to say something..... I was thinking (about) lots of people but.. among them... YG just came to my mind right there because I have always been a trouble

Question: who do you respect the most?
Bom: first, my boss YG! and 2nd teddy!~~ both are like a father and a brother to me. cant think of the world w/o them.

Question: DARA! You look very young! Do you think that is an advantage and disadvantage?
Dara: I look so young so sometimes a little kid talk to me with rude behavior. but it is really good to buy some cheaper ticket. cuz they think im an elementary school student or something... lol

Dara: If i was a boy, i will be Dara's boyfriend. i like her because she is so generous, friendly and not to mention pretty! ps. but rest of 2ne1 members are also cool.. lol

Dara: Min Ji goes to bed so early because she is a little baby! Bom takes off her clothes so quickly and CL is quite sexy when she is naked.

Question: who are you thinking about right now!!!
CL: me? i just like to think about princes and princesses

CL: The baddest female!

Minji: i like salad, sandwich and chocolate!

Question: Minji if you can choose somebody to replace your maknae position, who would you pick?
Minji: I'm gonna have to choose DARA!

Apparently, CL is sexy naked.

further translations of some autographs by annneonet
source: 1 2 3
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