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seohyun and nicole's friendship a hot topic

SNSD's Seohyun and Kara's Nicole have displayed their warm friendship, causing it to become a hot topic amongst fans.

Seohyun is a member of SNSD, the nation’s most popular girl group, and Nicole is a member of Kara. The strong friendship between them has been captured in pictures which have been revealed online, and they are causing quite a stir among netizens.

These two groups are the nation's representative girl groups, so they could have been competing rivals, but they instead share a warm friendship with each other that is beautiful to see.

After both participating in a program, the older members of both groups introduced them to each other, and they became friendly with each other. Both girls are 19 years old and they think alike, so they became friends very fast. They have revealed that they are now so close that they eat together.

Fans have supported their friendship, saying, "They look good together." Others have said, "The friendship makes me feel warm inside."

People are interested in what other things might result from the amiable competition between these two girl groups in the future.

SNSD have concluded their mini album promotions and are taking a break. Kara recently released their second album and they are enjoying explosive popularity. The title song "Wanna" and "Mister", which is a hot topic due to its rear-shaking choreography, are double hits.

original source
translated by jreddevil07 @ soshified

:> They really look adorable together. Kinda wonder what the dynamic of their friendship must be like, since SeoHyun is so shy and timid and Nicole is so outgoing and expressive.
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