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Drinking interview with Han Hyo-joo (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1 of the drinking interview with Han Hyo-joo, here’s Part 2:

“No more talk of scandals… I’ve been hurt a lot”

What drinking habits do you have?

Nothing in particular. My face doesn’t redden, either. If I really drink a lot, I get a little sentimental.

Have you had the opportunity to drink much?

I haven’t. I don’t drink when I’m filming something — it makes my face break out. After the drama ended we had a wrap party, but I had filming the next day so I didn’t drink. Today is the first time in a while.

What kind of project do you want to do next?

I’d like to do a really depressing melodrama once. Isn’t my age right now the time I can look my prettiest? I’d like to show myself pretty in love. It’s time I did.

That was the answer I’d been waiting for. I poured Han Hyo-joo another glass and brought up the topic of a scandal that came out not long ago. Actually, this is a question that her manager had asked me before the interview, “Please don’t bring this up.” But I had to ask.

Speaking of the scandal reports…

I knew you would say that. I wish that would stop… It was my first time encountering that, so I was hurt by it. Even talking about this makes me feel apologetic toward that person.

Is it really like your explanation that “he’s like an older brother to me”?

Yes, just like that.

The peaceful mood immediately turned, as though I’d accused her falsely. I changed the subject.

Then what is your ideal type of man?

I like men who are passionate about their work, and on a personal level, someone I can depend on. I like boyfriends who are supportive.

When would you like to marry?

I don’t know. I’m definitely sure that it’s not time yet. But I do think I should get married.

What about men you can’t stand?

Men who brag. It’s good to have confidence, but I hate when they talk big for no reason. I’ve found I can intuitively sense when conversing with people like that whether we’ll be a good match or not.

I am a dutiful but curt daughter

You went through a lot together with Ivy as you spent three years together as trainees.

We lived together for a while as trainees of Fantom Entertainment. Originally there were three of us. There was a singer who debuted not long ago as Block. The three of us had fun together, but we gave each other personal space.

Did you have a lot of unsuccessful auditions?

I didn’t, but I didn’t go out to a lot of auditions. In my first semester of university, I was really into college life so there are times I got into trouble with my management for not going on auditions that they told me to go on. I loved life as a student.

Your actual debut was in a beauty pageant.

So you know that, too. In 2003, I won the grand prize at the Miss Binggrae pageant. I showed my storytelling ability there, and danced in a group dance too.

The oral storytelling is unexpected.

My mother is a school commissioner in Cheongju now, but she used to be a kindergarten teacher. That’s how I came into natural contact with oral storytelling.

Your family must have worried a long when you came up to Seoul at a young age.

I came to Seoul in my second year of high school, and my father opposed me living alone in a strange place.

What kind of daughter are you?

I am a dutiful daughter, but I’m also a bit curt.

What kind of student were you in high school?

Since I was a kid, I ran around and played like a boy. I ran races and liked ball sports, and I think I ran the 100 meter dash in about 15 seconds. I went to a girls high school in Cheongju, and transferred to a coed school in Kyunggi province in my second year. The boys saw me run and thought I was good.

I’ve heard you like to read a lot.

It’s not to that extreme but when I have time, I always read. These days I’m reading a book called Orange Beach. It’s a good book that gives hope to people living difficult lives.

What would you be doing if not for becoming an actor?

I’d probably be an unemployed person readying to join the work force.

Lastly, if you were a reporter, what would you ask Han Hyo-joo?

I don’t want to ask. [Laughs]

What is in Han Hyo-joo’s bag?

“Oh no, I didn’t know about this… I’m a little taken aback.”

Han Hyo-joo’s face suddenly froze. She was at a loss, having never once shown the contents of her bag to anyone before.

Still, I persuaded her and out came the contents of the Marc Jacobs fabric purse: the cell phone and pouch, wallet and glasses without lenses, exercise cap and hairband, and one book. The cell phone and pouch matched in pink, her favorite color. Inside the wallet were a few 1,000 won notes [$1 bills].

The lens-less black-rimmed glasses are a fashion item. She says she uses them frequently because they create a different feel without using much makeup. She likes the hat because it goes well with her hot pants and T-shirt, and the black hairband with a little rabbit doll hanging from it is a gift from a fan.

Han Hyo-joo’s current events test

Usually, actresses have the same reaction upon receiving the sheet with the quiz questions. However, Han Hyo-joo, who has emptied one bottle of wine, sits like a student in an exam and begins to quickly go through the questions. She concentrates, jotting the answer down below the question or circling as she goes, giving off a vibe of composure.

The first question whirls inside her mouth, wrinkling her nose, but soon she remembers the right answer. [The question is: What is the name of the Joseon-era medical book that was recently added to the UNESCO resgister? "Donguibogam."] In the case of answer 22, floating exchange rate system, she only gets as far as “floating.” I gave her a hint to question 10, and she got it right.

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