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Dispatch Releases Q&A Session Regarding Bom’s Case

Q; Did the police just let Park Bom go?
A; The police were suspicious from how she got the medicine, and how she got to bring it in Korea.

Q; If she was confident, why did she send her medicine to her grandmother’s house?
A; It was 4 years ago. October 2010. Dispatch was also not sure. We did have some points that suspected her. That time, person A was the investigator, B was Park Bom’s close person, C was the person from the government, and D was from the drug investigating place. We also called the hospital in USA.
Then we concluded that there was Park Bom’s mistake too. So we decided to do the Q&D (Question&Dispatch) to solve this. How Park Bom got this medicine, and what the events that happened while this case was investigated.

Q1; Let us see how Park Bom got the medicine. First, why was it Amphetamine.
D; When Park Bom was in High School, she had to go through an scary incident. She had seen her friend dying infront of her. From this day onwards, Park Bom had to go through hard time. It was hard for her to control her feelings. She went to the hospital to get consulted and got some medicines.

Q2; So was the Amphetamine a medicine used to cure her mental stability.
D2; After that incident, Park Bom went through a lot of consulting and treatment. Bom had to use Amphetamine for her curing purposes. Amphetamine is a legal medicine in USA. She took this medicine without any problem.

Q3; 2010, Park Bom was in Korea. She didn’t get treatment in Korea.
D3; She was also consulted and treated in Korea. Ofcourse, she used some medicines in Korea too. But there are medicines that fit well on every people.

Q4; So she asked for Amphetamine?
D4; Park Bom’s mom called the hospital in USA. She might have thought that her daughter’s health was getting worse. She asked the hospital for some medicines.

Q5; Are you talking about what Yang Hyunsuk said “Which mom would give her daughter drugs?
D5; Yes. Bom’s mom called first. This is where you can see the relationship between what YG said. If she knew it was a drug then she wouldn’t have asked for the medicine. Ofcourse, Park Bom called the hospital too. And because it was a hospital Bom always used to go, she explained how her health was worsening and asked for medicine.

Q6; But isn’t it illegal to ask for medicine like that?
D6; Actually, it is impossible. However, if the person has a disease, they do give the medicine sometimes. And the hospital might have thought that Park Bom couldn’t come to the hospital in the US. So the medicine was given. The medicine was bought by Park Bom’s family from her mother’s side as they’re living in USA.

Q7; But why didn’t Park Bom know that Amphetamine was illegal?
D7; She knew that this medicine wasn’t sold in Korea. But she didn’t know the reason. She thought it was just the problem of customs in the airport. As she knew that she can’t buy the medicine in Korea, she thought she could just buy it in USA.

Q8; Didn’t she put the address to her Grandmother because she knew it was illegal. To hide herself?
D8; The reason why she changed the address was because nobody was usually home. Bom’s mom also used to go out frequently. So she put the address to her grandma, as she knew that she wouldn’t miss the package cause her grandma was always home.

Q9; Now let’s see how the steps were taken to investigate this case.
D9; 2010 October 12th, they found 82 pills of Amphetamine which came in to Incheon airport. It was addressed to one of the houses in Incheon. Park Bom’s grandmother.

Q10; The police knew that an illegal drug came in. Why wasn’t the person taken in at once.
D10; Usually, we investigate drug cases by looking at how it came in to Korea. We needed to know how and where it came in from first.

Q11; What did the police further do with this case.
D11; Just like Park Bom’s situation. After this drug was caught, the police started moving after a week. They went to the house where it was delivered first. There was Park Bom’s grandmother there. The grandma’s child, thus, Park Bom’s mom had already taken the medicine.

Q12; So did they go to Park Bom’s house in Seoul?
D12; They headed to Seoul. They investigated the house where Park Bom was living with her mom. Then they found a evidence. This was where the police came to a dilemma.

Q13; I heard the police were disappointed(?)
D13; First, they counted the number of medicine. There were about 78 pills. In 1 week, she had taken 3-4 pills only. If this case was to get bigger, a lot of pills must be gone. However, by seeing that only 3-4 pills were missing, they could only conclude by seeing this medicine for only curing purpose.

Q14; Wait a minute, we need to see some points on people who bring in drugs.
D14; There are 3 points which would lead them to punishment.
1) People who bring in for exporting these drugs or business.
2) If these drugs are really serious and dangerous.
3) People involved in this case.

Q15; So did they think that none of these points matched Park Bom’s case?
D15; Amphetamine can be used to cure depression. To make it Philopon, there must be another special thing mixed in. However, Park Bom only took in 3-4 pills in a week.

Q16; Anyways, it is true that she brought in an illegal medicine to Korea.
D16; Yes, we agree to this. That’s why she was investigated. Her mom was investigated too. However, we only give punishment to people who make these drugs, shares it with others and tell them where it comes from. However, Park Bom was in neither of these. There were 78 pills were kept with her. With everything still packed.

Q17; What did Park Bom show as evidence?
D17; She showed the prescription letter for evidence. It was a letter that showed that she was getting treated. She also showed the letter for the medicine she was given.

Q18; So we can’t say she got the advantage from the police?
D18; This is what it’s said.
Even if it’s a drug, she didn’t run away with it. She got the medicine from a hospital, and if there’s a special letter that she got the medicine for treatment, it’s okay.”

Q19; Not long, there was a Samsung staff who got arrested by a similar case.
D19; In this case, the person didn’t tell out who the person got the drug from. The police says that the person got the Amphetamine from a close person. Ofcourse, if the person has a letter saying that he/she needs it for medication, it would be fine.

Q20; Oppositely, are there anyone who has a similar case at Park Bom?
D20; On June, A staff got suspected for a drug which has a plant root powder inside. However, the person’s son had ADHD, and got this medicine to Korea as the person heard that this medicine was good for ADHD. This person was then unsuspected.

Q21; Some person says that she got through it cause she was from YG.
D21; The police says that bringing in drugs is a really big issue. And if a celebrity did it, it would be bigger. It’s a case that all prosecutors would want to catch. Fans would think that YG is great, but police would look at YG as a good prey.

Other (more accurate) translation here (thanks dysphoriia)

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