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Shin Hye Sung to Remake His Own Songs for Solo 10th Anniversary


Shin Hye Sung will be bringing back his old hits.

In celebration of his 10th anniversary as a solo singer in 2015, Shin Hye Sung will launch his remake project Once Again starting this month.

Every month Shin Hye Sung will sing one of his songs in a new rearrangement with a different singer to look back on his past 10 years as a solo singer.

Some of the songs he′ll be reinterpreting include Buen Camino, a duet with Kang Soo Ji from his solo debut album in 2005, Doll, a duet with best friend Lee Ji Hoon from 2001, and Love... After, a duet with Lyn for the 2006 music drama Dong Hwa.

A source from Live Works Company commented, "You can look forward to the rebirth of these songs every month into new versions that will be even better than the original. Please continue to show your support for Shin Hye Sung′s new project for his 10th anniversary."

The first song of the project, Buen Camino, will be released on July 15.
source: mwave
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