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BigBang, JYJ, Exo and PSY to preform at the Incheon Asian Games...and a little JYJ drama


A number of leading K-pop artists have announced they will be performing at the 2014 Asian Games, to be held in Incheon in September this year. So far, big-name artists such as BIGBANG, JYJ, PSY and EXO have been confirmed.

The event will mark the first time that JYJ has appeared on the same bill as an SM Entertainment-represented artist (in this case EXO) since the three members of the group split from TVXQ in 2009. A lengthy legal case ensued, with both parties wrangling over contractual terms. During this time, JYJ has avoided appearing at events where SM artists were not performing, and vice versa.

JYJ said the reason it hadn′t appeared at the press conference for the Incheon Asian Games held on July 1 was because it hadn′t received any prior notice about the event. It also demanded the Games be fair and trustworthy in dealings with the group.

JYJ′s agency C-JeS Entertainment issued a release soon after the press conference was held.

The release stated, "A month ago in a meeting, the Organization Committee asked whether JYJ could appear at the press conference, which would cover the opening and closing ceremony. We said we would attend after coordinating the singers′ schedules. The Committee didn′t contact us after that, and we did not receive any notice about the press conference held today."

It added, "The Organization Committee guaranteed us attendance at the opening and closing ceremonies as well as a finale performance. We said we would be honored especially to work with Psy, as he is a senior and a greatly renowned singer. The Incheon Asian Games needs to carry out the promises it made to us."

The group also demanded the Games reconsider JYJ′s status based on a clause that says JYJ must be given preferential treatment as honorary ambassador if the Games wishes to invite K-Pop stars to an event.

JYJ has been active as the honorary ambassador for the Games since February 2013.

The release ended with the hope that more people would take notice of the issue, and also with hopes that this incident wasn′t again the result of outside forces allegedly at work.

EXO’s Xiu Min and Chen shared how they feel about getting invited to perform for the opening ceremony of 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

On July 1, a press conference was held for 2014 Incheon Asian Games in Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel.

Xiu Min and Chen, who attended to represent EXO, stated, “We didn’t even imagine that we would be performing for the upcoming opening ceremony but we feel very honored. We want to show EXO’s awesome performance through this opportunity.”

They continued, “We’re happy to be representing Korea on a global stage. We will do our best so that not only Koreans but all Asians can become one.”

Meanwhile, the press conference was attended by chairman Kim Young Soo, chief manager Im Kwon Taek, director Jang Jin, EXO’s Xiu Min and Chen, Korean classical musician Ahn Sook Sun, violinist Richard Yongjae O’Neill, cellist Song Young Hoon.

2014 Incheon Asian Games will be hosting 45 game events and will be held for two weeks between September 19 through October 4.

TL;DR: The Asian Games named JYJ honorary ambassadors, and the group recorded the main theme song, and shot a mv for it. They've made appearances promoting the Games since last year. There was a press conference held today where Xiu Min and Chen from EXO appeared, and now C-Jes is calling them out because they are saying the committee invited JYJ last month and never contacted them again.

Source: Soompi & MWave 1 & 2
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