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Youngji wins "Kara Project" and becomes the Kara's new member!


After Nicole and Kang Jiyoung left KARA due to expiration of contract, DSP Media announced that they were to choose a new member of KARA through a program titled “KARA Project”, broadcast on MBC music.

Before the program started on the 27th of May, teasers of 7 potential KARA members, called “Baby KARA” were revealed through DSP Media’s official YouTube channel.

The Baby KARA members had to perform to KARA’s hit songs, in which on the episode aired on the 1st of July, only 4 of them made it through to the final episode, which was to be broadcast live.

Somin, Chaewon, Sojin and Youngji were the remaining members of the show, in which their final mission was to perform a hit song from KARA as well as an individual song.

After gathering results from episodes 1-5, the winning Baby KARA member was Youngji, in which she broke in to tears of joy upon hearing her name, and thanked everyone who had supported her.

Congratulations to Youngji on becoming the new KARA member!

sources: koreaboo + tv report

my favorite baby kara member wins, so looks like i just became a kara stan. but im hoping dsp debuts the rest of them -shiyoon
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