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Miss A celebrates their 4th anniversary!

1st july is the day that one of the greatest girl groups that graced kpopverse was born.

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miss A’s Fei Expresses Her Love for Her Members

Fei, a member of the girl group miss A, revealed a picture she took with her members.

On July 1, Fei uploaded the picture on her Twitter with a message that said, “It’s been seven years since I came to Korea. I spent more than half of that time with the girls. Out of all the pictures of miss A, this is the picture that I like the most. Whether it’s five years or 10 years, I hope we’ll all hold each other’s hands and laugh like in the picture. With our sayA as well. I love you.”

In the pictures Fei revealed, the members are seen holding each other’s hands while putting their heads together.

Meanwhile, Fei is currently the MC for MBC’s “Idol True Colors.”

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140701 miss A 4th Anniversary since debut - fancafe messages

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It’s been 7 years since I came to Korea. I’m so happy that I have spent over half of those 7 years with my members! Thank you so much to my members. And our Say A that I love. miss A can continue to sing because we have you!
~Forever Love~My Say A


Say-A~ ^_^
Hello~ This is Jia~
In the blink of an eye, 4 years have passed~ Time goes by so quickly that it’s a little scary. We don’t release a lot of music compared to other artists~So we are always apologetic~ Sorry~ But. It’s because we want to meet always with good performances and good music, so you will understand, right?? ^_^♥
Let’s continue to go together~ I love you~ ^_^
Love u~


To Say-A :)
Hello :)
This is miss A “Min” :)
4 years have already passed since we’ve come out into the world with the name miss A..♥
For being by our sides always!
Thank you so much and sorry that we can’t always be better ~ :)
I think 4 years of time have really passed by in the blink of an eye… Let’s all work hard and live healthily in this scary world together.. :)
I love you Say-A
We will become miss A that works even harder and won’t lose our original intention ♥ i LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♥♥


Say A-♡
Hello, this is Suzy ^^!
You are all alive, right? I am also gaining strength each day by thinking of you ^o^! Sorry that I haven’t visited the fancafe very much.. Sob sobㅠㅠ.ㅠㅠ It has already been 4 years. Time is really fast!!!!!! Everyone, I’m always thankful and want to comeback quickly and see you
Love U ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Source: miss A Fancafe
Translated by shmesm @

Remain flawless,my queens

Sources: Miss A Fancafe, fyjypnation, Soompi

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