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Kim Bum and Yoon Sang-hyun are the new publicity ambassadors

For the ‘2009 Korea Drama Festival’ that takes place at the Sinandong River in Jinju this coming October 1st to 15th.

Kim Bum and Yoon Sang-hyun will begin promotional activities as the new publicity ambassadors for the ‘2009 Korea Drama Festival’ on the first of October. The most noteable promotions will be held on October 12th and 13th, where both actors will present the best scenes of their hit drama to the public.

On October 12th, Kim Bum along side Kim So-eun, will attend the “Asia Star Night-Boys Over Flowers Special” and present the best scenes of the hit drama, “Boys over Flowers”. The Taiwan and Japan cast will also be present at the event.

On October 13th, Yoon Sang-hyun along side Sun Woo-sun, will attend the “Drama OST Concert” to present the best scenes of the hit drama “Queen of Housewives” and talk about various episodes that happened during the filming of the drama.

Source: popseoul
Tags: drama, kim bum

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