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Ulala Session & IU reveal their Summer Love Song

N.A.P. Entertainment has delighted the public with the release of “Anxious Heart,” the fifth installment in producer Choi Gab Won’s “The Lyrics Project.” “Anxious Heart” was recorded in 2012, but hasn’t been released until now. The track has been attracting public attention ever since the online release of its teaser video on June 27.

Soloist IU’s lovely voice and Ulala Session’s faultless vocals and rapping blend together in this addictive love song, the idea of which was inspired by the retro sound of 80s popular music. “Anxious Heart” was composed by Kim Do Hoon (who wrote the popular track “Some” for Junggigo and Soyu) in collaboration with Japan’s Oricon chart topper PJ. Choi Gab Won wrote the lyrics.

[Lyrics Translation]
[LYRICS] 울랄라세션 Ulala Session X 아이유 IU - 애타는 마음 Summer Love


Tell me the reason I can’t take my eyes off you
Is it love? Is this love?

It’s no one else but you.
The pretty rose-like you.
Your lips taste like strawberries.
You captivate my heart entirely in just 1 second.

That’s right, it’s me.
The one who cherishes you, it’s me.
The one who cares for you, it’s me.
I’m going to steal all your love.

I’m more certain than ever before.
You’re more dangerous than the rest.
The way I keep staring is strange, isn’t it?

* The sound of my thumping heart keeps increasing as you come closer.
Is it love? (It’s love) Is this love?
Tell me the reason why I’m blushing deeply all of a sudden.
Is it love? (It’s love) Is this love?

Although I-I-I’m unsophisticated,
although this is all-all-all rather childish,
in this an-an-anxious heart of mine, there’s you.

You’re the only one for me.
No matter how many times I think about it, it’s you.
Even if I look around, it’s you.
I’m going to give you all my heart.

More electrifying than anyone else.
Looking at you makes me feel dizzy.
When I look at you, I start trembling.

Repeat *

When I look your way, when my heart goes pitter-patter,
it’s like my head’s in the clouds ol’e
This moment of fate is like time has stopped.
I’m ready for love.

Repeat *

Although I-I-I’m unsophisticated,
although this is all-all-all rather childish,
in this an-an-anxious heart of mine, there’s you.

Source: iu-jjang Tumblr

IU to appear on Music Heal Camp with Kim Chang Wan and AKMU


IU Last FanCafe Update

I’m back from Changwon.So tired tired tired.
Tomorrow I have to go for the Healing Camp recording.
I’ll make sure I get a photo with the green-lentil jelly-like fluffy Akmu!
I should go to bed soon.. keke The weather was really hot today. Is everyone alright? I think I might be allergic towards sunlight or something because I keep getting rashes. I’m going to get acupuncture treatment tomorrow. Everyone, do stay healthy. Illness and accidents are always lurking around the corner.. They say it’s only a matter of time what happens to others happens to you! Who knew I would have such an allergy?!ㅠㅠ..
Anyway, everyone worked hard today. I’ll finish my recording tomorrow and be back again!! Goodnight~~~ kokonaennae (Note: Something you tell children to say goodnight)

Translated by squishy with love


No Spring, Love or Cherry Bloosoms with HIGH4


Yonsei University Festival


Meaning of You


Good Day


Samsung Passion Talk Concert (full show)
Meaning of You (ft Kim Chang Wan ), The Red Shows, Friday, You & I and Good Day

안쓰 IU

Beautiful Man Activities in Japan

Full Press Conference - ENG SUBS

Sadd Otaibi
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