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f(x)'s 'Red Light' deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS + orders adjustment in its lyrics

It has been reported that the broadcast station KBS has ruled f(x)’s title track “Red Light,” from their upcoming third album of the same name, to be unfit for broadcast, while MBC revealed they will come to a decision within this week.

The reason for KBS’s ruling is that the lyrics of “Red Light” mention a specific brand: heavy equipment manufacturing company known as Caterpillar.

In response to this, the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, explained, “We plan to modify the problematic lyrics and request a reconsideration so that it does not impact their broadcast activities.”

Additionally, on July 2, an MBC representative stated, “We received the audio and music video for f(x)’s title song ‘Red Light.’ Because we review [songs] on a weekly basis, ineligibility for broadcast has not yet been decided. After deliberating, we will decide within this week.”

Meanwhile, f(x) will be releasing their third album “Red Light” on July 7, which will be their first comeback after one year, since “Pink Tape,” released in July of last year.


What does this song is even about? I'm more curious now.
Tags: comebacks, f(x)
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