holding out for a hero (zephkun) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
holding out for a hero

How Brian Joo channels his pain

A short update on Brian, everyone. :D

Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky) has just confirmed a new SBS program with Suju's Shindong, SS501'S Hyung Joon and 2AM's Jo Kwon last August 9, Sunday:

Three days later, we find out that a close friend of his died on the 12th:

Yesterday, August 17, he posted a status on his MySpace account:

The show must go on and indeed, it did. Gotta love a man who has so much faith and knows how to channel his pain into something constructive. Goodluck to Brian and let's hope he gets more projects and that his new album will come out soon.

By the way, the show he was referring to in his status is the 한여름밤의 꿈 ONE SUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM that was held at Jangan-gu Hall Outdoor stage, August 14th.

Source: Brian's MySpace and Twitter


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