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WINGS: “New Song ‘Blossom’ Almost Went to Other Singer”


(Seoul = news1 Sports) Jang A-reum, intern-reporter = female rookie
The behind[-the-scenes] story of duo WINGS’ new song ‘Blossom’ is made public.

As the showcase for their second single ‘Blossom’ is taking place on July, 2 at 2 p.m. in the M Pub at the IFC Mall (Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul), WINGS members Yeseul and Nayoung reveal, “‘Blossom’ originally wasn’t WINGS’ song.”

WINGS continue, “We heard for the first time about ‘Blossom’ when the composer requested a guide recording.” “We could sing ‘Blossom’ because the interested parties [management?] saw us singing and thought the song fit better with WINGS.” Whether the singer who planned to sing ‘Blossom’ was a famous singer arouses one’s curiosity.

“‘Hair Short’ had the feeling of a woman cutting her hair after a break-up, whereas ‘Blossom’ is an exciting song. A whole other set of emotions are felt. The rhythm of ‘Blossom’ is increasingly cheerful and it has a feminine feel”, WINGS say to present the difference to their former song.

When asked about the reason for using a stand mike in ‘Blossom’, Nayoung says “The reason for using the stand mike was to revive the static feeling.” She adds, “The aspect of using a stand mike is not especially hard, but expressing excitement in a static state is difficult. It’s also difficult to act out an expression while doing the choreography.

WINGS, a female duo consisting of Yeseul and Nayoung who are both in their early twenties, debuted this last March with their single ‘Hair Short’. With members who are both beautiful and talented with their skills as vocals and performers, it is surely foreseeable that they will find their place in a music industry that currently doesn’t have many female duos.

'Blossom' is a song made with mutual understanding among the crew of the composing team lead by Wonderkid and 8Eight's Baek-Chan. With foreign guitar sounds and flute performance, it will express the feeling of excited but anxious people in their early twenties who have fallen in love. WINGS' vintage-like vocals and understated performance, as well as Baechigi’s rapping and the metaphorical lyrics will stimulate one’s sensibility.

Meanwhile, at noon this July, 3, WINGS will release their song and music video to the public and unfold their full-fledged activities.




Little Mix, Wing

Hair Short


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translated by Laura @ heavensyeahwings
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