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Happy Together - Parents of Twins Special

Parents of Twins Special:
Actress Park Eunhye, S.E.S. member Shoo, Hwang Hyeyeong, and famous composer Yun Ilsang are all parents of young twins. Alongside them are twin singers Wink and twin comedians Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin. The guests tell twin-related stories from a parents' and the child's point of view.

Source: KBS World TV

best episode of HT i've ever watched in a while. recommended watch tbh, i nearly teared up a couple of times listening to the mothers' stories. also i think Park Eun Hye's story/explanation would provide a little more insights regarding the issue of favoritism among twins by their parents; to answer those ~concerned comments of some of Superman Return viewers regarding how Seo-eon was favored more than Seo-jun by their parents.
Tags: kbs, park myungsoo, s.e.s., tv shows, yoo jae suk
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