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Crime Scene ep 8 with Soyu: a housewife's murder

Your weekly dose of murder mystery role playing game is back again with JTBC's Crime Scene (크라임씬).

In this show the exceptional cast is brought to a crime scene and they take roles as suspects and use their investigative and deductive skills in various ways (observing the crime scene, group talks, hot seat, one-on-one interrogations) to catch the criminal amongst themselves.
After their investigations, the cast vote for who they suspect is the killer. If the majority of the cast is right, they get the gold prizes but if they're wrong and the killer got away with the crime, the murderer will collect all the gold.

This week we welcome the show's first female guest: Sistar's Soyu, who arrives full of confidense (like the guests always do, with not very flattering results as we all know..).
Also the return of the resident deduction idiot(s) and geniuses we all love. Highlight: Hyun-Moo in a dress (*^0^*)

Today's mystery is the murder of a succesful hospital director's wife who is killed in her own living room.
Just who committed the crime?

Episode 8 part 1 (English subtitles)
Episode 8 part 2 (English subtitles)
Subtitles by bumdidlyumptious
If you have the time, do take a few seconds and thank the subber for the hard (and excellent) work :)

If you missed the previous episodes or are new to the show:
Murder of the wealthy CEO: episode 1, episode 2
Murder of the schoolgirl: episode 3, episode 4
Murder in the office: episode 5, episode 6
Murder in the prison: episode 7
A longer description of the show's format is included in the post for the first episode.

Polling time:

Before the cast give their votes and the killer is revealed, who do you suspect the most?

The housemaid (NS Yoon-G)
The mother-in-law (Jun Hyun-Moo)
The husband (Hong Jin-Ho)
The friend (Park Ji-Yoon)
The chief administrator (Soyu)
The delivery man (Kang Yong-Seok)

Discussion very welcome in the comments (so if you don't want to spoil the ending, don't read them ^__^).
Next week's guest: Shinee's Key.

OP's photoshop hasn't recovered so if anyone has any great gifs (especially Hyun-Moo crossdressing...), I'd be happy to include them. Thank you :)

Video source: bumdidlyumptious
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