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A discussion about Korea's "Idol Incubation System"

It's long, and some things we already know, but if you're bored at work, take a look. I had never heard the term "idol incubation system" before. I also took notes...

Talks about training differences between Korea & the US
Differences between the 3 big companies. Panelist says YG is "stylish" "fashion", JYP is basically just a reflection of JYP himself (the music, the dance, the videos), and SM is an "education system" and has "intelligent artists"
The investment costs of an idol and idol groups
Conflicts about idols and agencies. Not a specific company was named, but the video showed articles of Han Geng, TVXQ, and EXO
Visits an idol training center and meets a trainee from China
Talk about the Korea training system as and export and a "cultural product", and how it won't work in other countries except Korea
Talk about the Korean Wave and how PSY isn't really apart of it
Also, at one point talks about how Kpop and Korea was getting recognized by "white people".

Arirang TV
Tags: culture, korean wave / hallyu
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