hot cross shitkid (deftbones) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
hot cross shitkid

LC9 is having a comeback!..... but E. Den left

from their fancafe 140704:

LC9’s 2nd league is about to start.

LC9’s 2nd league, prepared with immense training and effort for the past year, will soon be by Lovebeat‘s side. New music, new performance, new stage and many new and fun stories are available in LC9 #2. We ask for much anticipation and support for LC9 #2, which has been prepared to show LC9’s long-waited fans a more mature and developed LC9. In addition, E. Den has decided to go back to being a student in Canada and unfortunately, will not be part of LC9 #2. We, the members of LC9, truly thank you Lovebeat for always supporting LC9 as always.

source: LC9 fancafe; translation by lc9intl

Tags: ex-group members, nugu
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