Atenais (atenais_pala) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

[MISC] Brazilian Bank Tweets About Big Bang

Nobody saw that coming, Itaú Bank, one of the largest private banks in Brazil and sponsor of the Brazilian Soccer Team, proved that they also are VIP!

On July 2nd, a fan asked on their official account on Twitter, when would Big Bang's comeback happen. Itaú account, never losing its sense of humor, replied that they didn't know, but due this delay, the comeback would sure be "fantastic, baby".

Netizens who saw the tweets commented, "I'm closing my account at Bradesco [another Brazilian bank] and open a new one on Itaú", "Even my bank is Kpopper", "OMG, is this serious? You know K-Pop?" and more.

We know that it was just an exchange of humorous messages, but it's further proof of the popularity of K-Pop and Big Bang itself in Brazil. And more, that even international banks are eager for Big Bang's comeback.

Source: @itau, @bixcachen, @monyifan, @talitaemy, @Dab_loide, bigbangbrazil
Tags: big bang
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