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Kim Hyun Joong Pre-Releases Song "His Habit" Feat. Lim Kim and Kanto of Troy


Solo star Kim Hyun Joong unveiled a new song called “His Habit” on July 4. The new track precedes the release of the singer’s new mini album on July 11, entitled, “Timing.”

The new track is penned by Mister Rocks. It features guest appearances from singer Lim Kim (also known as Kim Yerim) and rapper Kanto.

A spokesperson for Kim Hyun Joong told the media, “The attractive singing and rapping of Lim Kim and Kanto makes for a very emotional sound. It is a very unique mix of musical talent, so fans have every reason to anticipate the new release.”

“Timing” will be Kim Hyun Joong’s fourth mini album, and comes a year since his last extended play, “Round 3.”

Sources: Soompi, Marble TeethMusic

It's a nice song, Lim Kim and Kanto stand out more than Kim Hyunjoong imo

I'm more surprised that I didn't hear about it sooner since I'm pretty much camped out in all the places that post news for my princess Yerim~

Mods, can we get a Lim Kim tag pretty please??
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