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SBS Roommate: “As of now we don’t consider Bom appearing on Roommate as a problem…”


With the media and industry going crazy over Park Bom’s recent drug scandal, fans were curious if it would affect Park Bom’s participation in the SBS program.

The head of SBS Roommmate’s production team has finally spoken up, about the issue, "As of now we don’t consider Bom appearing on Roommate as a problem, Since there is no problem in terms of laws, this issue has nothing to do with Bom’s appearance on SBS (Roommate). However, SBS might follow Bom’s choice (if she chooses not to appear on the show).”

Source: Naver
translated by: Bom Always

I hope Bom is doing okay and that she comes back from this, things were going so good for her before the scandal. She didn't deserve that negative press.
Tags: 2ne1, park bom
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