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Mystic89 to Merge with Gain's label Apop Entertainment

Yoon Jong Shin’s agency Mystic89 and Ga In‘s agency APOP Entertainment are merging together to become a multi-label company.

Mystic89 has grown quite a bit in the past year to become a comprehensive entertainment company as it not only represents musicians such as Park Ji Yoon, Lim Kim, and Eddy Kim, but also announcers and actors. APOP Entertainment is led by producer Jo Young Chul and has produced hit songs such as Brown Eyed Girls“Abracadabra,” Ga In’s “Bloom,” and IU‘s “Good Day.” It is also a home to musicians, singers, and song writers, including Ga In. These two companies will join work hand in hand to create a stronger company that will have a greater influence in the music industry.

Yoon Jong Shin said about the merger, “The two companies both have unique yet accomplished contents. Before, the two companies have been paying attention to each other and it was decided that the two companies working together to become one family will create great synergy.”

Jo Young Chul was also optimistic about the merger. “I am greatly looking forward to working with Mystic89, a company full of enthusiasm and ideas. I hope that we will create a great wind in the music industry,” he said.

Sources: Soompi, Mystic89's Youtube

Idk if people know, but in March Mystic89 merged with Family Entertainment (an acting agency) to become Mystic89&Family, names you might recognize are Oh Jieun from King of Dramas or Shin Soyul from Reply 1997

Yoon Jong-shin is getting ambitious! Between all these mergers and Mystic89's first global project last month I'd say keep an eye on Mystic89 in the future! It's pretty obvious that his new show "Entertain Us" is a test run for making an idol group

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