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T-ara JiYeon and BoRam get scary

New female singer group T-ara members JiYeon and BoRam shows off their talents as actress.

The group is currently promoting their debut song ‘Lies’ off their debut album. And the 2 members are also involved in the drama filming to MBC’s ongoing horror drama ‘Soul’.

JiYeon said in an interview recently, “I returned back to the dormitory one day recently and I had ga-whi (experience when the body is asleep but the mind is awake). I also had dreams about the other members getting injured by a fire. It was really scary. And I get more experiences of ga-whi after I got involved in the filming of this drama.”

She also added, “There isn’t any much difference between being a singer and actress. I was already prepared for acting before and now I got a great opportunity to drama acting.” Another member BoRam also plays the younger sister of Lee SeoJin in the drama.

Source: sookyeong

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