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Seo In Guk on Choosing Between Acting & Singing + Photoshoot.

Popular Korean actor and singer Seo In Guk is best known for Answer Me 1997 and Master's Sun, but he first became famous for winning the Superstar K talent competition for singing. When asked to choose between singing and acting, Seo said that they were like both his hands, and he felt he wouldn't give up one for the other. His fans would agree as we love him in everything he does, and in this latest photo-shoot, he shows both his lovable cuteness and charming masculinity.

Seo In Guk recently did a photo-shoot for InStyle Korea's July magazine, and he also discussed how he felt about singing and acting. Here's his full answer to the question about choosing between singing and action:

"This question is a bit difficult, so I prepared for it. I can use both my hands well. To make me choose one from being a singer or an actor is like making me use only one hand. I will work hard to excel in both areas. I think this is the most accurate answer."

During the photo-shoot, Seo put on sleek outfits and showed his irresistible good looks in different surroundings.
He also mentioned his new romance comedy drama, King of High School, where he plays an 18-year-old student who pretends to be his older brother who works at an IT company. And of course he meets an older woman. This sounds totally like a fun noona romance.

Seo revealed that before he got on Superstar K, he was so poor that he would stay at friends' places and moved around a lot. He said he would frequently remind himself of the difficulties of the past so that he wouldn't forget his roots. He is definitely an impressive young man on the rise, and we'll surely continue to see him succeed in a career combining singing and acting.

[InStyle Shoot]

Sources: Dramafever, Daily News Sina, kmagazinelovers.
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