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IU to Be Featured in g.o.d’s Upcoming Reunion Album

IU and g.o.d

According to a representative of the music industry on July 4, singer IU participated in featuring for a song on g.o.d’s upcoming eighth album to be released on July 8.

It has been reported that IU developed a desire to be a singer after being a fan of g.o.d since her early childhood, and was extremely happy when the group she looked up to reunited and proposed an opportunity to feature in their new album.

The rep also hinted, “IU is known to have developed her dream of becoming a singer as she attended g.o.d’s concerts during her school days. When g.o.d decided to have a reunion, [IU’s] senior, Kim Tae Woo, gave her a featuring offer, which she happily accepted.”

g.o.d, the ’nation’s group’ that dominated the music industry in the early 2000s, recently started up group activities again and achieved an all-kill on music charts with their new songs including “The Lone Duckling” and “Sky Blue Promise.”

Meanwhile, IU has continued to secure her spot as one of the best female ballad singers, after reaching successful results with a remake collaboration with great senior Kim Chang Wan for “Your Meaning,” as well as Ulala Session for “Anxious Heart.”

Source: Soompi
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