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New Drama to Bring Modern Princess With Edge

From left, Yoon Sang-hyun, Yun Eun-hye and Jung Il-woo. The trio will appear in the new drama "My Fair Lady" that starts airing tonight at 10 p.m. (KST) on KBS.

Following the success of "Boys Over Flowers" early this year, KBS is bringing yet another stylish drama to television fans with leading stars Yun Eun-hye, Yoon Sang-hyun and Jung Il-woo.

According to the producer Ji Yung-soo, the drama "will offer humor and laughs, perfect for the summer season."

The storyline is simple: A former playboy, played by Yoon, gets himself a job as a servant of one of the richest and pickiest girls in town, and struggles to win both her money and heart. His plan takes a turn as a talented and rich lawyer, played by Jung, steps between the two characters.

The three actors showcased their new styles and personalities at a press conference last week in southern Seoul, and fans can expect an interesting transformation from the trio.

The Fierce Heir

Yun Eun-hye (the heroine of "Coffee Prince") will play Kang Hae-na, the 24-year-old chaebol heir who lives the life of a modern-day princess. Living in her mansion called "Lady Castle," the red-haired Kang lives the glamorous life but fails to make any close friends, let alone find a boyfriend, due to her bossy and picky personality.

Donning a black and turquoise dress with fluffy shoulders, Yun appeared with bright red hair yanked up in a pony tail that made her eyes sharper, a characteristic that fits her character. The role represents a big change for the 25-year-old actress, as she has portrayed warm-hearted and naive characters in past dramas like "Coffee Prince" (MBC, 2007) and "Princess Hours" (MBC, 2006). The drama is her first appearance in two years.

"The producer worried that people would hate my character," she said.

"She has a strong personality, but I'll mix it with my own and make the audience connect with her and laugh along the way."

Playing tomboyish personalities in the past didn't require fancy clothes, and now the actress admits having a hard time getting used to the glamour.

"The clothes are so nice and pretty, but it's hard to move!" she said laughing.

A Butler With a Purpose

The actor who once played a romantic CEO in the popular drama "My Wife Is a Superwoman" (MBC, 2009) will appear as the handsome yet silly playboy-turned-butler Seo Dong-chan.
In order to support his sick mother, Seo jumps into the working world as a playboy, only to find himself in debt. To make the real money he needs, he moves into Lady Castle to work as a butler and Kang's personal assistant.

"When I played Tae-bong in 'Superwoman,' all I did was walk around and answer phones, but now I have to carry heavy things, run errands and clean the house! I really am going through a great transition in status," Yoon said.

"Like Jim Carrey, I enjoy acting comical characters, so viewers will get to see me exaggerating a lot."

Rich Yet Modest

Jung, who walked on rooftops and fought with swords in the drama "Moon River" (MBC, 2009), will appear as the poised and modest Lee Tae-yoon.

Although born into a rich family, the thoughtful Lee refuses to use his fame and money for success, and opens a small law firm with his friend to help the poor and powerless. For Lee, Kang is just another rich and stubborn girl, but when he finds out about her tragic past, he starts to open up.

"I used to always be flying around forests using wires, but now I get to ride nice cars! It's nice and very comfortable indeed," he said smiling.

But the life on an heir comes with complications, and the actor added that the fancy clothes did limit his movement.

"The suits are so fitted to look fashionable, but I can barely breathe!"

Along with showcasing the three characters, the new KBS drama will portray the essence of royalty, from horseback riding, flashy cars and beautiful mansions to Yun's dressy wardrobe and accessories.

"My Fair Lady" will start airing tonight at 10 p.m. (KST) on KBS.

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