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“What is summer?” ….idol’s fashion…forget the season!


July, the real summer has begun. The sweat oozes out. Naturally, people wish to wear thinner clothes. However, summer of fashionista is the opposite. Their fashion clock heads exactly toward the autumn. They even wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants and even leather jackets.

G-Dragon wore thick jacket, but of course he draped jacket over his shoulder. EXO XIUMIN and SHINee Key wore leather jackets and blur the boundary of season. Lee Min Ho and BEAST Yoon Du Jun wore long-sleeve shirt and knee trousers.

Female stars’ fashion style is also outstanding. Sunmi draped print-jacket over her shoulder and the clothes material was leather. Suzy wore thin striped knit and presented marine look. Sooyoung wore pink colored suit in July 7, the hottest day in the summer.

What is the relationship between mid-summer heat and season-forgotten fashion style?

If someone wears thick clothes in hot summer, it turns out that he or she is a fashionista: because, the sample clothes of new autumn style comes out in June or July. In other words, the period of summer can be fashion companies’ advertising time of new autumn look. “Fashionable people wear one season early clothes” Therefore, it is highly likely that their clothes would be sponsorship or samples.


★ Jacket Look: "Leather, dying of the heat but representing summer handsome guy"

It is hard to imagine to wear leather jacket in summer. The sweat oozes out and it is wind-tight. However, it is not a problem for stars. If they can show the latest fashion style, they can bear the summer heat.

Then, how do they express their fashion? G-dragon draped thick wool stadium jacket over his shoulder. The point is color match: he wore leopard shirt matching to his jacket detail.

XIUMIN wore rider leather jacket with gold-colored zipper detail. Red high-top shoes are the point. Key wore collar leather jacket and one-eighth baggy pants.


★ All Black Look: "Summer of men is chic"

Black color is forbidden in hot summer, because black tends to absorb sunlight, making you hotter. Nevertheless, black color makes you look slim and taller. If you wear all black, the effect becomes twice.

Lee Min Ho appeared at the airport wearing all black. However, the fabric was light and he chose to wear short pants not to be choked by scorching sunlight.

Yoon Du Jun and Son Dong Woon were true destroyers of the season: they wore two shirts, knee-socks and high-top shoes. Yoon Du Jun wore leather short pants, completing “fight fire with fire” look.


★ Female Look: "Destroy Summer with Lighter and Fresh Look"

Female stars express their fashion with more various ways. They captured attention with colorful prints and vivid color. It is different from men’ style which focuses on black color or leather.

If they choose to wear leather or suit jacket, they have to reduce the burden by choosing colorful or printed one. Sunmi wore leather jacket but did not look hot, thanks to her splendid flower-print.

Other items are important. Sooyoung wore suit and Suzy wore knit, but it was not hard to accept. White colored bag, slip-on or sandal helped cool down the temperature.

1. [+2,306, -21] Maybe they keep the air con super strong in the car... so they can stand wearing all that outside momentarily.

2. [+2,067, -29] Probably okay since they have the ac on in the car and they're only outside for a short while.

3. [+1,750, -17] They all forget their pants in the winter and cover up in the summer why ㅋㅋ

4. [+1,549, -50] I bet their pits are sweaty ㅜㅜ How do they keep their faces so matte, I'm usually covered in sweat from the moment I dress myself

5. [+1,112, -162] Sooyoung's pink fashion is bad ㅋㅋ;

6. [+973, -32] Seeing these pictures is making me sweaty~~ Dress more appropriate for the weather~~

7. [+750, -25] Makes me die from sweat just looking at these

8. [+692, -5] They'd never be able to dress like that if they had to walk or take the subway ㅠ

9. [+534, -18] Not like they have a choice if coordis dress them

10. [+506, -10] Do they have air cons installed in their clothes, looking at these is hot enough

Writing=Song Eun Joo(Dispatch)
Photo credit= Dispatch DB
source: starcast, netizenbuzz

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