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better late than never: VIXX's Leo for Céci Magazine and Céci Digital

[translation of interview above]

The curtain has risen on the musical <Full House>. VIXX's Leo who we met again, before we knew it, had the face of Lee YoungJae.

This is already the third time you've met with Ceci. Have you been busy?
Because there's not much time left until the musical <Full House>'s first performance (interview date: 9th of April), I am living every day as Lee YoungJae. There are none of VIXX's stages. On this new stage, I am in the process of learning step by step how to give an interesting feeling.

If you had to say what the biggest point of being an actor was, what is it?
Singing and acting are the foundation skills, feeling also. As VIXX's Leo, no, as Jung Taekwoon, I should take care of many things so I am meditating on it. In a new environment, how should I face people, how should I communicate with my sunbaes, these kind of things. Of course, even though I'm still a singer there is a long path that I should walk down but, I think, for a musical I should do it as myself. I need to do it as a new me.

You have a shy personality; isn't it hard to adapt to this new world?
Because I am the representative for VIXX in musical participation, even just a little, I promised to clear up these misconceptions and show my demeanor. Even though approaching people first was a little hard, I said I'd make an effort; because I can't bare it if, because of me, people say bad things about VIXX. The sunbaes I approached first looked after me well, so I was very thankful.

It seems you have confidence in singing, what about acting?
In addition to singing I also have to act, so I worried a lot. The plot of the drama and manhwa were properly combined in the musical; there are a lot of songs and and also a lot of dialogue. I also have a lot of scenes where I have to put myself down. (Ceci: Do you have a good memory?) (Hesitates for a while) Whether or not I remember well at all, the curtain rises anyway (laughs). I'm just trying my best to fulfill the role.

You said that you had to put yourself down, is there comic meaning in those scenes?
I was worried about whether the VIXX members could see that with their eyes open (laughs). There are lots of scenes where Lee YoungJae and Han JiEun bicker with each other, while growing to love one another; it was interesting to see how other actors take on the part. It would be hard at times, and when it was, I just needed to ignore the gaze of my sunbaes; listen to the advice and words of my partner, like not to be nervous. So therefore, I could naturally take on the play.

While growing to love one another, it seems like there are many charming scenes; when you're dating do have no 'aegyo'? You can do it to the person you love, right?
Aegyo... (laughs) Instead of aegyo I have heard this type of conversation before. It's something that can't really be said but being affectionate to my parents is something that I do well. (Ceci: [Leo] grew up as the maknae who received a lot of love). Thankfully, I think compared to anyone else, I grew up while receiving my parents' love the most. (Ceci: So you've never heard about it from a girl?) I don't really want to be the judge of anything like that (laughs).

What's the most interesting point in this musical?
Before the scenes of Lee YoungJae and Han JiEun's lovey-dovey romance, when they enter the stage as new characters there's a comical scene that makes the musical richer. The character of Lee YoungJae (in the musical) is almost the same as in the drama. Pretending to be cool, frowns a lot, has tantrums and has a 'push and pull' theme to him. I'm currently trying to melt naturally with Han JiEun in the midst of the fun atmosphere created by the surrounding characters.

Fussy but lovable Lee YoungJae has many similar points to Leo.
We have a similar personality where I say what I like and dislike clearly, but on the other hand, there are some differences in how he expresses his feelings towards the person he likes. To distinctly become Lee YoungJae there's not much I could do, just read the script while worrying about the character and trying to interpret it myself. Truthfully while reading the lines I understood it as a personality of a person, not as a book, and it was the first time I could think about it in this way. There were lots of points and misconceptions that I realised.

How are you improving that cold feeling in his personality?
There's a part where I should lean in to listen to Han JiEun's story and respond back. Because the cast is large, if my partner is different the charms of a different Lee YoungJae come out. I think that was really interesting.

VIXX is a group that has lots of elements like acting to them. There must be many points that helped with the musical.
While doing VIXX's stages, I learnt the method of immersing myself in a character. Of course VIXX's fantasy elements are shown somewhat childishly. But for every different concept the members, while looking into the mirror, something they do most is to say to themselves, 'I'm a Vampire, I'm Jekyll and Hyde, and I'm a Voodoo Doll.' Therefore if you don't do it the stage can't become complete. To me, if I can't believe myself, then how will the people who see the stage also be persuaded? What creates a perfect character is 'immersing'. While being immersed into the musical character of Lee YoungJae I am polishing all my lacking parts.

What do you want to get from this musical?
At the moment the audience and staff see that the work is hard, it's something I don't want them to feel. Truthfully, I have a greed to hear interesting/fun comments too. Personally I hope that there is an opportunity of growth to become a little more of an adult.

You're halfway into your 20's. Are you satisfied with your life so far?
It's too early to be satisfied. When I become older, maybe 30 or 40, I want to have the memories of spending time living enthusiastically in the moment, so right now I am living fiercely.

In that type of meaning it seems like this year will be very important to VIXX.
So that we can make sure to have a cool image for fans, VIXX all together are working hard. As much as the biggest love that we're given, we're repaying it with a cooler stage.

Just like <Full House>'s romance, the warm season is here. This spring, is there any work you want to do?
This is sudden, but filial piety? (Ceci: Because spring is here, filial piety? (laughs) Most people would reply 'dating' during this time). Even though I'm apologetic, the reason is I'm just busy; I even neglected to phone my parents. Because spring is here I should phone frequently, right? (laughs)

Hello! This is VIXX’s Leo.

In “Full House,” I’ll be meeting everyone through the role of Lee Youngjae. I have worked hard preparing, so please come to see it.

Q: How do you feel about being part of the musical? Is practice turning out well?
A: The other VIXX members acted even happier than me when they congratulated me; they all promised to come see the performance. It was difficult at first, but now I lose track of time, having fun and practicing.

Q: What’s the hardest part of doing the musical?
A: Keeping the tone of the dialogue. The musical doesn’t really use everyday language, but it’s more standardized and has some vulgarities as well. Using “goon” and “ne” (T/N: various grammar structures) can be a little awkward. And sometimes a bit cringe-worthy. (laughing)

Q: Can you find any similarities between yourself and “Full House’s” Youngjae?
A: The way we are straightforward, and directly express that we don’t like something is a bit similar. But Youngjae can’t speak about his feelings honestly and talks in circles, whereas I have a tendency to show my emotions very frankly.

Q: Your fashion sense seems outstanding; do you often go shopping for yourself?
A: I like prop accessories, like rings. When there’s time, I stop by stores along the street and do some shopping.

Q: You’re really good at athletics; are there any activities you want to try?
A: Since I like jogging, I jog every day. Originally I liked sports that make you run and use your whole body like soccer and boxing. but these days I’m interested in cross fit and tennis. They seem like fun, so I want to try them.

Q: What kind of “Full House” is your dream?
A: I hope it’s a warm household. It’s my personal dream to become a good father and a good husband. I like the atmosphere of a big family that chit-chats a lot, so it’d be great to have a lot of children.

[The musical runs from April 11th until June 8th at the Hongik University Art Center.]

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I know it's pretty late but since it has never been posted before, I thought, why not now? XD
p.s.: Leo, if you ever need a sparring partner for tennis, you just gotta to ask...
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