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A long awaited 100% post!

This is basically a post of stuff I kinda missed the timing for!

Additional "U Beauty" Teasers:





Sanghoon on Tasty Road!

It's raw and he appears around 0:35 & 0:50, His Ice Cream shop is called "Sobok" and it's located in Hongdae! Drop by if you happen to see it! If you need more info just ask me

[Eng Sub]Moon Hee Joon's Pure 15+ Jonghwan & Chanyong

[Eng Sub] 140618 문희준의 순결한 15 플러스 Moon Hee Joon... by shiroirukaze

(In case the video doesn't embed click here)

Perfect Live Singing! MR Removed!

It's not a surprise that 100% can sing live perfectly but I have to point out that they have become a lot more stable now!
That Moon Hee Joon show is really interesting! Please go watch it? Our amazing subber Shiroirukaze (aka. 100PerSubs) subbed the whole show (46mins)!
On the side note, has anyone noticed how well Top Media is doing these days? 100% gets more than one comeback a year, the fanchants tutorial was not late, the editing for their REAL100% videos are better... I'm impressed!


Mods, I hope I did it right this time. I'm truly sorry!
Sources: 100%'s Facebook, 100PerSubs (x) (x), PDK MR Removed Official Channel
Tags: 100%, ex-group members, teaser
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