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Monthly music recap for June!!!

June saw a lot of scandals, oh my lord! But there was a lot in terms of music releases too. If I left anything out it's because 1. the embed doesn't work anymore 2. I really did just miss it, so let me know in the comments if I missed something in the archives. Or if it was never posted on Omona and was released in June, share it with us.

Some pop punk fyt: AND NOW WE GO ON, STARTLINE MV

[Spoiler (click to open)]

I know I've been trying to make pop punk happen again but seriously what's not to love about a girl bassist, that pop-punk lead singer whine, and harmonies?


[Spoiler (click to open)]
Soulful, emotional ballad from a solid album that showcased his growth from Hot and Solar. The song focused mainly on his vocal deliveries with just a piano and a quiet, building beat so you can hear only his SORROW and LOSS. So much pain!


[Spoiler (click to open)]
Korea never seems to run out of cute and creative ideas for music videos. This one has an unknown artist drawing out music notations while telling the story of the video. Sweet Sorrow themselves do amazing harmonies with their voices, and I highly recommend watching it live here.

humming urban stereo listening post + MV and some teaser videos

[Spoiler (click to open)]
There were a lot of tracks posted here, but this song featuring Narsha is perhaps the best one of them all (albeit released in May). Robotic, funky, glitchy with Narsha's sweet vocals this is THE JAM right here. That breakdown after 1:05 is literally everything. Well, actually there are a few breaks in this song but trust me, you need to hear this.


[Spoiler (click to open)]
I know he's saying "hug me" but we all know what he really means! He was touching flowers and in the next frame the girl smiles, for pete's sake. This is a very sexy and strong R&B single from a very complex and amazing first album. Tbh it sounds like a mishmash of all the good R&B songs you've ever heard (a little bit of Usher, Miguel, and even "My Boo"), and that's not a bad thing at all. Watch the street version too!

JUN. K releases a korean version of NO LOVE

[Spoiler (click to open)]
JUN.K is getting his R.Kelly on and it is good. Why he doesn't just release an album in Korea, I don't know. The video has a whimsical broke down circus theme complete with a panda and a mechanical exploding heart, a great choice for what could have been another uninteresting ballad-style video (solo singer shots, lonely man/woman walking at night, etc). The song's rhythm and arrangement is absolutely beautiful, and his voice continues to improve.

Ryu Sera (Nine Muses) writes original song for MINE

[Spoiler (click to open)]

It's very rare for a Kpop idol song to be so haunting. So it starts off with a quiet piano melody and a quiet voice. Then she adds strength and harmony to her voice but in the end she laments "I am yours, you are mine." Knowing that she released this the same month it was announced that she was leaving makes it even better (or worse, depending on your point of view).


[Spoiler (click to open)]
This is a strong debut for Mamamoo. All of the celebrity cameos in the video will certainly help them but it's not like they're short on talent. They benefit from having a strong creative team behind them, working within the box video but adding creative elements like the cameos, graphics, and sliding transition shots of the girls. Starting off with a glamorous, funky, soul sound does a great job of showcasing their vocal strengths but only time will tell if they continue on this path. Listen to the mini album here.

NEW MUSIC!? Oh Hee Jung II - Remixes

[Spoiler (click to open)]
This is a remix of Body and Soul which was posted here in May and was featured in the !MMR for that month too. The remix album is just as great as the original album, if ambient shoegaze-y chillwave stuff is more your speed. Consider yourself lucky Omona, that Oh Hee Jung and other indie artists get posted here otherwise you would never hear about them because I wasn't able to find much about her, except for this Korean Indie article (bless Korean Indie tbh).

Other music to check out:

Idol groups:
Wassup release fire aka song of the summer - The "yeah yeah yeah" and "eh oh eh oh" make for good anthem call outs and the reggaeton style definitely makes it a song of the summer. The video was posted here. the cheapness of the video goes hand in hand with the song.

Ménage à U-Kiss - Quit Playing 19+ MV - Bed scenes, kissing scenes between 3 people, HWHAT? Mini album posted here too.

B.A.P'S MV FOR '어디니? 뭐하니?' - for fans of BAP doing cute stuff in a jaunty tune accompanied by harmonicas.

F.CUZ is [Feeling My Soul] - 6th Japanese Single MV - This track is the Japanese version of One Love. I miss F.CUZ!

BOYFRIEND OBSESSION MV IS HERE!!! - I don't know much about Boyfriend but I knew of them as a bunch of illegal qts. But every group needs to go through a "tough" concept at least once even if it might not fit their overall image.  They also released Alarm MV and Here PV which are both a lot more easygoing and more their speed.

ZE:A [BREATHE] MV♡ - All you need to know is that these guys are timelords.

TOPP DOGG'S 'TOP DOG' MV!- I'm not hip to any Topp Dogg music but this song and video is very ambitious from start to finish. The theme is Mozart vs. Salieri based on the movie Amadeus, so expect some dramatics.

Cross Gene releases MV for 'Amazing - Bad Lady' - You like crotch rubbing? Here you go. The song was definitely missing some OOMPH despite having heavy synths.

BEAST - '이젠 아니야 (NO MORE)' MV - Surprisingly great and the Instagram theme is very creative! One of those "I wish I had thought of it first" ideas.

N-SONIC RELEASE POP BEYOND MV - I have no idea if they're saying pop beyond or papillon but either way it manages to be boring.

TAHITI OPPA IS MINE MV - Five girls kidnap Jinwoon and make his life hell in this fun little song. I'm all about #misandry!

ALICEWHITE - BINGBINGBING - Another five member group with a cute concept rocking virginal white dresses. Careful though, the "baby baby like that" might get stuck in your head.

the mv we all waited for - Omona's favorite group "Good Luck" - While I was more into No More MV, this one wasn't too bad even if it's a generic boy band track. At least Beast's choreography is on point here.

A PINK RELEASES MV FOR 'CRYSTAL' - Apink looks gorgeous and are having fun together, and sometimes that's all you need in an MV for an okay song.

4minute releases music video for '고마워 :) (Thank You :))' celebrating their 5th Anniversary! - Light, jazzy, and inviting, a sweet song of thanks to all the fans. The video is ripe with cute BTS stuff!

AOA RELEASES "SHORT HAIR" MV - Everybody seemed to be into Miniskirt and Confused for good reason; it does remind you of a million other songs. Still, it's candy-colorful and cute.

GOT7 A MUSIC VIDEO - By the end of this song you'll be singing 🎶A~🎶 too, it's an earworm. This is the second EP by GOT7 released this year, you can listen here.

HISTORY'S MV FOR 'PSYCHO' - The song sounds like 90s dark bubblegum with Prince elements but I simply cannot ignore the shitty lyrics and "psycho" concept. Apparently the album is great.

Hip Hop Group BigFlo Debut MV - Delilah - Not really what I think of when I think "hiphop group." They give off Block B vibes, and apparently are dealing with plagiarism accusations. Good luck with that!

HALO - FEVER MV - The song's not bad for a debut, a little reminiscent of Infinite's debut but less inspired by the 90s.

A Pink BnN's Single "My Darling" Is Out - This song didn't fare too well in the comments section for being bland. It sounds like any ol' A Pink track, to ask for something different is asking for too much.

AOORA CAN'T STOP MV + TWERKING? VIDEO. - A rock inspired tune with some chopped and screwed vocal effects in the chorus? It's not all that remarkable. The twerking video is what you really want to see.

DAESUNG - RAINY RAINY M/V (SHORT VER.) - Don't forget about Daesung! He's currently touring in Japan but he's slated to have an album out in Korea, who knows when.

Indie and k-rock:
K-ROCK POST: CHERRY FILTER MV & MINI-ALBUM - Not really into corny spoken parts especially in a song about being aliens from Andromeda but the female lead singer does well.

OMONA'S FAVORITE DOO-WOP GROUP STRIKES AGAIN - The Barberettes released a cover of Beach Boys' Barbara Ann. They're totally adorable and we can't wait for original music! If you follow their Facebook, you can see that they're gaining recognition in Korea. If you've made it this far and can translate from Korean please do so!

JUNG JOON YOUNG - "TEENAGER" MV - Jung Joon Young has my favorite combination in a person: baby face, deep voice. Lyrics written by Junggigo and composed by Joonyoung, the song is about following your dreams to become a rock god!

SayYes Comes Back With Music Video For "Get Out" + Mini Album - The amazing thing about Say Yes to me is that while they play guitars and drums they hardly sound like a rock band but rather a pop group with rock elements.

DYNAMIC DUO - SUMMER TIME MV - This one will have your head bobbing. The scratching, orchestra bits, the vocal harmonies really make this song. The video isn't too bad either, although for a song about summer time a box video is an unexpected choice.

Fly to the Sky - "Even If Ten Years Pass" MV - Hwanhee wrote the lyrics for this OST for "No Tears For The Dead." Get that OST money Hwanhee and Brian!

DAVICHI'S AGAIN MV - Not the best that Davichi released but it's something. #positivity

GUMMY'S [I LOVED...HAVE NO REGRETS] M/V - Gummy is back at it again! She looks gorgeous and her voice continues to be one of the best and most extraordinary voices in Korean music. Now that she's out of YG, may she continue to release more amazing ballads like this.

ZITTEN- SUNFLOWER MV. - Zitten has a wonderful voice that reminds me a little bit of Rufus Wainwright. Warning: the video has self-harm elements. It has a confusing ending so the entire concept might work better as a full length movie.

J-MIN - HOO MV - An OST track for "Miss Korea," a gentle and relaxing song (i.e. a snoozefest).

Park Shin Hye feat. Junhyung - "My Dear" - This is a forgettable easy listening track with a video that's just like a million of her other roles with a skincare cf thrown in.

TEAM H RELEASES PV FOR "TAKE ME" - Ignoring the basic lyrics and Big Brother's raps, the song is very optimistic and life-affirming. Jang Geun Suk's voice complements the piano and electric guitar melody that carries throughout the song. There's a nice synth buildup in the chorus, I can imagine a crowd of people losing their minds in a club or arena setting.

foreign artist collabs:
Almost Paradise- Eric Benet ft Ailee (Full Version) - Listen here if you've been waiting for an 80s style power ballad. Ailee and Eric Benet's voices sound amazing together!

PSY HANGOVER MV - Well, get that money Psy and Snoop Dogg. The song is repetitive and the visuals are funny and sometimes that's all you need to have a successful video.
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