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090817 FT Island @ LoveFM

Bing Bing Bing

I Hope

Hongki's Mistake (an explanation of the video is located below)

"The boys were waiting for the advertisements and news to clear, and waiting for their segment to start on the radio show.

During this idle time, Hongki wrote a note to one fan, who bought 158 CDs (we're guessing it's to get the Dream Ticket) and put it up on the studio camera.

At first attempt, the writing was a little too faint, so couldn't really see what the writing was.

But he re-wrote the note with a marker the second time, and put it up to the camera.
The note read: "가을아!! 앨범 158장 너무 고마워요~ 사랑해!!"

(Translated: "Ga Eul ah!! Thank you for (buying) 158 copies of the album ^^ I love you!!")

Right after that, disappointed fans (who bought only one or two albums) sent messages to the station.

Hongki left an apology in his cy that night."

The translation of the entry can be found here.

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