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Lee Hong Ki to become a farmer and reuniting with his ex-wife

Lee Hongki to lead SBS new drama 'Modern Farmer'

FT Island Lee Hongki has decided to appear as the male lead in the upcoming SBS weekend drama 'Modern Farmer' after a thorough consideration.

He is taking the role of 'Lee Min Ki', the leader, vocalist, and guitarist of a rock band 'Ex-So' (Excellent Souls). His character is romantic and pure when it comes to love but tough in their band. Actor Park Min Woo is also cast and will form a love triangle with Lee Hong Ki.

Directed by Oh Jin Suk, 'Modern Farmer' is a musical-comedy teen drama with a unique plot of rock band members going back to being farmers. It will premiere on October 18 following 'Glorious Day'.

Leader of a rock band called Lee Minki? A band called Exo? Are the writers trolling?
Anyways, glad to see Minwoo get more work!

[FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Reunites with “We Got Married” Wife Fujii Mina]

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Reunites with “We Got Married” Wife Fujii Mina

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki showed that he’s still close with his ‘marriage’ partner, Fujii Mina, from their time on MBC Every1’s “We Got Married Global Edition.”

On June 5, the singer posted a short message on his personal Instagram account, “I met my wife after a long time,” attached with a picture of the former virtual couple together.

In the revealed photo, Hong Ki and Fujii Mina can be seen posing closely for a friendly snapshot. They are drawing attention for their continuing friendship even after wrapping up “We Got Married Global Edition.”

Source: Soompi, skullhong12, dkpopnews
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