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Following the hot issue in the 1st half of 2014, “Something”, Girl’s Day have returned with a seasonal song.

From cuteness to sexiness, perfectly portraying images that are poles apart, the best popular girl group of 2014, Girl’s Day is back again with a seasonal song “Darling” attempting to be the cool and refreshing energy for everyone.

Girl’s Day’s summer special mini album “Summer Party” features the title track “Darling”, intro “Summer Party” and tracks “Look at me” and “Timing” totalling 5 tracks.

The mini album “Summer Party” will be filled with songs that will blow away your thirst like sipping a cool soft drink while lying down at the hot summer beach, spontaneously shake your shoulders while traveling in the car, songs you can find peace in when your head hurts with complicated issues.

Title track “Darling”, after “Something”, features the best combination of Girl’s Day and Duble Sidekick’s production, like a refreshing water cannon cooling your body on a hot summer day with a popping brass session and light shuffling rhythm. Especially like choosing between suddenly finding a cute love that you imagined of or a refreshing fizzling soft drink.

The track “Summer Party” is a collaboration between composer David Kim and Radio Galaxy that tactfully uses scratching and sampling to introduce you to the powerful club dance song continuing the sensation of the previous album “Everyday #3″.

The track “Look at Me” is a collaboration between Duble Sidekick and Tenjo and Tasko, a simple and minimalistic composition with a groove filled bluesy acoustic R&B style that utilises a strong rhythm and synth-bass to emphasize the strengths of Girl’s Day’s vocals.

The track “Timing” is a collaboration between Duble Sidekick and Radio Galaxy, with the meeting of leadlines and electric guitars the overall flow of the song leads to a bright and lively summer mood, creating a house dance song that further emphasizes the fresh image of Girl’s Day.

There is no longer a need for Girl’s Day to transform their image. Costumes? Choreography? Infinite Transformation! We can’t help but wonder what will be next after this album.

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