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100% being flawless

100% "U BEAUTY" Acoustic version

SUNKISS Single Album:


Title "U BEAUTY"


This is song is dedicated to Perfections, Hence why they sing "PERFECTION HERO" in the beginning. The lyrics made me cry T_T

Netizens Comments

1. [+412, -51] The quality of these kids aren't that great, especially that one in the middle;; -_- (Changbum)

2. [+369, -31] They look like magicians, not idols

3. [+341, -53] How about you focus on making your vocal talent 100%

4. [+287, -42] Ok... who are you again?

5. [+252, -32] Aren't they from those TEEN TOP kids... seeing as how they aren't doing well, there seems to be way too many idols lately!!

6. [+73, -14] They're not popular because of their visuals ㅋㅋ They're seriously below average ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+69, -11] I could tell they're working hard... Always sweating buckets on stage.. They just don't have any charms. They're like that group in the middle who uses a mix of popular gimmicks by bigger idol groups but it never pops. They also don't have a face to represent them.

8. [+50, -4] They're great live singers. I was surprised when I saw them singing and dancing completely live on YouTube. Way better than most idols.

9. [+47, -5] What's up with the comments? Anyone who has seen their stage will know that talent is one area they cannot be touched on. It's true that they don't have a face for the group but that's a bit hypocritical since idol group 'faces' get hated on for being only a pretty face and now these guys are getting hated on for not having a pretty face. What group are you all looking for?

10. [+44, -4] Their faces may fall below average compared to other idols but their vocal line's live is amazing. I was going to slam them for having a boring song but their live just makes up for it all... Park Nam Jung's live was amazing on 'Immortal Song 2' -_-

11. [+36, -3] It's their team that's the problem... They're great singers and all but not one member stands out ㅠ Either as the visual or a charm... TEEN TOP has Niel, who I personally don't think is handsome but he stands out to you right away... Why do you think groups like Super Junior or f(x) have Shindong and Amber? They're a differentiating factor... They're certainly good singers but as an idol group, charm gets you further than good singing talent. Look at KARA and EXO... they didn't get popular for their singing.

12. [+31, -1] They're struggling so hard to get popular. They're great singers and cool guys~ I personally find Rokhyun pretty.

Anyone wanna laugh together at the top comments that clearly don't know 100%?

About their looks btw, Beauty has always been a stupid subject because it really depends on each person.
I lost it at comment #3 because everyone in 100% can sing now, rapper line has worked hard to become decent singers and vocal line has always slayed with their vocals.

Source: 100%'s Youtube , MarbleTeethMusic Chart (x) (x), NetizenBuzz
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