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Secret to Make a Comeback in August

Girl group Secret has scheduled a comeback for this summer.

On July 8, TS Entertainment revealed that after eight months since “I Do I Do” was released last December, Secret will be making a comeback as a group.

Secret has had many hit songs since they debuted in 2009, such as “Magic,” “Madonna,” “Starlight Moonlight” and “YooHoo” which included their trademark bubbly and sexy charms. Lately the members have been focusing on individual activities to foster their individual abilities.

Especially Jeon Hyo Sung, as she recently debuted with her solo song “Good-night Kiss” and is playing the role of Han Soo Ri in the KBS daily drama “My Dear Cat.” Jung Ha Na is shining by showing her worth as a rapper. Song Ji Eun has already established herself with drama OSTs and her solo album. Han Sun Hwa played a role in “God’s Gift – 14 Days” and has been cast in the tvN Friday-Saturday drama “Marriage, Not Dating.”

The Secret members have individually upgraded their talents through diverse training, and in their newly announced fifth mini-album, the title song is a highly addictive song in which you can see Secret’s characteristic womanly beauty.

TS Entertainment revealed on July 8 “Secret’s comeback will be right around August, and the members are currently preparing for the comeback. Secret has a fresh and bubbly image and can even do glamorous and sensual concepts, and they will compete with their differentiated charms that only they can pull off.

[netizens comments]
Article: SECRET confirms group comeback for August... 'feminine + addictive concept'

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+766, -144] They've never looked fresh or elf-like, always countrified with concepts that fell short in one way or the other. They've always been between copied versions of their previous songs like Magic, Madonna, and Poison and sexy concepts, and now they've lost themselves to other girl groups and are on a downward spiral.

2. [+541, -62] Han Sunhwa's always been wishing about going into acting and she finally achieved her goal.. ㅋ Rather surprised because she was better than I thought.. ㅋ

3. [+501, -82] Sunhwa managed to recover what Hyosung lost.... SECRET was never that disliked but ㅡㅡ Jun Hyosung...

4. [+435, -63] I wonder how much the others have changed aside from Sunhwa ㅋㅋ

5. [+373, -125] Dislike because of Ilbe

6. [+110, -14] The group that changes their face with each new album release

7. [+110, -20] They used to look simple but pretty and now they're plastic surgery monsters

8. [+29, -7] The rest of the members need to be grateful for Sunhwa. She really let herself go to be funny on 'Invincible Youth 1' and get SECRET's name known... and she's still the only one trying to recover their image.


Source: Soompi & Netienbuzz
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