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Junho Feel Album Listening Post

Source YT: Audio Plus

Jun. K's thumbs up in the back though...

Sources in order of appearance: Fyjunho; Twitter: JYPEJapan; Twitter: dlwnsghek; FyJunho(2)

Even if you're not a fan take a listen and I think you will be happily surprised by what you hear. It's upbeat, fun and a little old school in the sound. He hit #1 on the Oricon chart!!!!!! Kimi no Koe hit #3 at it's height. Track list will be in the comments. Details on purchasing the album below.

Limited Edition A: 3,000yen |: YesAsiaCDJapanHMVTower Records
CD+DVD. The DVD contains 「FEEL」 MV (Original & Dance ver.) + Making Movie + 「HEY YOU」 MV.

Limited Edition B: 2,427yen |: YesAsiaCDJapanHMVTower Records
CD + 3 additional songs: Can’t let you go, Turn it up, You & Me

Regular Edition: 1,759yen |: YesAsiaCDJapanHMVTower Records
CD only. Bonus track: FEEL (Instrumental)

Fyjunho[All of Op's feelings...]OMG, freaking out. It is glorious guys. I was so afraid I'd be let down but this is a banger of an album. Turn it Up, Dangerous and Zutto are personal favorites. He's so talented!!!! And the best part is that all the 2pm members were together for his achievement. Crying and sobbing at the brotherhood tbh (if they came just to support his album drop I will literally never be able to turn in  my stan card). I'm so happy. I judge 2pm and it's members hard sometimes because they can be sooooo good and I hate it when anyone falls under expectations but Junho has not let down. I'll let the album speak for itself though.
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