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Big Bang’s Taeyang Shares Stories Behind Creation of Hit Songs


Big Bang’s Taeyang spoke up about some of his songs as well as G-Dragon′s image.

Taeyang guested on the July 8’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s Tablo and Dreaming Radio and shared some stories behind his activities as a singer.

During the radio show, Tablo introduced three songs that remind him of Taeyang.

The first song was Big Bang’s Lies. Tablo said, “I get the chills when I hear the piano sound from this song,” and Taeyang shared, “This is the song that allowed not only Taeyang but Big Bang to stand where it is now. Thanks to this song, we were able to spread our name to more people and be recognized.”

Taeyang continued, “This song was originally G-Dragon’s solo song but CEO Yang suggested that we all sing it together so we recorded it together. The song received love from many people as soon as it came out. The song was actually very different from our previous songs. We were switching from hip-hop to electro so I wondered whether it would succeed or not but the result came out great.”

The second song was Taeyang’s first title song Only Look At Me. Taeyang said, “This is the song that producer Teddy hyung made for me after I heard it once and I still can’t forget the chills that I felt. It was the style of music that I really wanted to do and I loved the lyrics as well. I told him that I really want to sing it.”

He revealed, “The song was actually made for G-Dragon as well. Teddy hyung told me that he was going to give the song to G-Dragon since the lyrics reflected a bad guy image. I guess he was hesitant for me to sing the song, since I had the innocent image at that time, without having any experience in dating.

When Tablo asked, “Are you saying that G-Dragon is a bad guy?” and Taeyang answered, “I’m talking about just the image. The song came to me in the end, because I loved it so much.”

The third song was Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby. Tablo said, “Everyone was in the studio when this song was being made. This song makes me feel good. It’s a song that came out after Big Bang went through many difficulties and it reflects Big Bang’s powerful energy.”

Taeyang revealed, “We went through many difficulties at the time this song was being made. I remember locking the door to the recording studio for a week with all the Big Bang members and Teddy hyung in order to make a powerful and good song.”
source: mwave

Only Look At Me is such a messed up song imho
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