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'Real Men' to have a 'female soldiers' special

MBC's Sunday program 'Real Men' is going to be interesting with the addition of a spin-off program featuring female celebrities as soldiers.

On July 9, 'Real Men' PD Kim Min Jong discloses to StarNews, "We are preparing a spin-off program for 'Real Men' featuring female soldiers. The casting is ongoing."

"Real Men- Female special is ongoing and currently recruiting female celebrities including singers, gagwoman, actress, model and more to join the filming this coming August."

According to the PD, the female special will also consist of 6-8 celebrities who are going to undergo military training and duties. The broadcast of this special episode will be in September.

[netizens *sexist* comments]Article: [Exclusive] 'Real Men' to have a female soldier special

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+3,778, -107] Send Ahn Young Mi. Seriously.

2. [+3,420, -101] Specials like this remind me of Jun Hye Bin for some reason

3. [+3,009, -384] I highly recommend Nana ㅋㅋ They should take disrespectful female celebrities and go fix their mindsets up in the army

4. [+2,184, -93] Women cut practice because it's too hard, show up late because they were doing make up, try to cut back on training time... There needs to be a revamp aside from the 707 female soldiers.

5. [+592, -34] I'm not feeling this special... They're obviously going to whine and cry and cry and talk about how hard it is for them~ then they'll act all weak and the female viewers will call them out on being fake and hate on them. If they're going to go through with this special, pick someone like Jun Hye Bin who has good stamina and always tries her hardest.

6. [+420, -37] Don't use an idol. I warned you.

7. [+357, -24] Looking forward to them going through CBR training and having their snot drip to the floor ㅋㅋ

8. [+314, -25] Why do I feel like Clara's going to be in this...

9. [+281, -10] I recommend Jun Hye Bin. You all know why, right? She's not fake and works hard.

10. [+270, -43] Don't make a women's version. The army is not a joke.

Source: dkpopnews & netizenbuzz
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