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Ticket Venue Employee Attempts Fraud, Random Inspirit Saves the Day


Ticket Venue Employee Caught Selling Infinite Tickets Obtained Fraudulently

An Interpark employee who tried to sell Infinite concert tickets he obtained through fradulent means was caught and penalized.

Interpark Tickets announced on July 9, "We confirmed that a new employee used his monitoring authority on the day of the July 7 fanclub sales for Infinite′s That Summer 2 to purchase tickets. He also attempted to sell them outside of the site."

The notice put up on Interpark stated that the site monitors its employees using an anti-fraud system and conducts employee training regularly. The employee was able to get around the regulations, however, when the site was attempting to put new equipment and personnel in place.

He tried to sell the tickets through social networks and internet communities at a far more expensive price than the original price.

He was caught when a fan trying to purchase a ticket became suspicious of how the man had obtained so many tickets.

The July 7 sales were exclusively for fanclub members, and one person was allowed to purchase only one ticket per concert day. All 7,000 tickets opened this day also sold out fairly quickly.

Fueled by these suspicions, she used the man′s name to look him up, and found out that he was an Interpark employee.

Interpark stated that the employee will be penalized for his actions.
source: mwave
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