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Park Hae Jin to Transform into Genius Psychopath in New Drama ‘Bad Guys’

Following his role as a charismatic doctor, Park Hae Jin will be transforming into a psychopath.

According to WM Company on July 9, Park Hae Jin has been cast as the lead of OCN’s new original series Bad Guys.

Airing the first episode in October, Bad Guys is an 11-episode drama about a detective who gathers a number of criminals in order to root out more evil and dangerous forces. Park Hae Jin will be taking on the role of ‘Lee Jung Moon,’ a genius psychopath.

‘Lee Jung Moon’ is quite different from other psychopath characters in dramas.As the youngest member of Mensa with the IQ of 160, ‘Lee Jung Moon’ is a genius who also holds doctorate’s degree in math and philosophy. Behind his innocent and pure face is his psychopathic traits that gave him the title of ‘the youngest serial killer.’

Challenging himself with the psychopath character, Park Hae Jin will also be showing off some action scenes in the new drama.

With the scripts to Bad Guys almost completed, the writer and the director reportedly had Park Hae Jin in their mind for the role of ‘Lee Jung Moon’ from the beginning of the planning process. Due to the writer and the director’s love call sent to him for the past year and a half, Park Hae Jin finally accepted the casting offer before he began filming SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars.

Park Hae Jin, who is about to make another transformation in acting, said, “Isn’t it a role that any actor would like to try at least once? He is not just a genius psychopath but a character with dynamic sides. I don’t know to which extent I can express ‘Lee Jung Moon,’ but I will do my best to express the character in my own way. I tend to choose projects after looking at the character but as soon as I saw the scripts, I felt like ‘This is it.’ Please anticipate Park Hae Jin’s transformation.”

Meanwhile, Bad Guys will begin filming in the middle of July.
source: mwave
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