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Eddy Kim's *Deluxe Version* of "The Manual" Calendar and Teaser Pics/Video! (+Park Jiyoon)


Eddy Kim will release a Deluxe Edition of his first mini-album "The Manual" featuring a sweet new song "Darling"!!!
Thursday 7/10: Fall in Love, Darling
Friday 7/11: Hug Me, Darling
Monday 7/14: Kiss Me, Darling
Tuesday 7/15: Summer Romance Darling
Wednesday 7/16: Darling, Darling
Thursday 7/17: Music Video released at 8PM
Friday 7/18
: Darling audio released
Saturday 7/19: 100 Days of Debut
(OP Note: I only properly translated the part to do with the new song so far)

After his discharge, Eddy Kim's inactivity came to an end with the time busily spent on his mini-album. The intense preparation is undoubtedly the reason for why his new song "Darling" is well-matched to the summer weather. It also seems like it will probably suit through Eddy Kim's and producer Yoon Jong-shin's hints on SNS. This time the announced new song "Darling", like his last mini-album, will be Eddy Kim's own music.

(OP Note: They were in the article because the other part was talking about his concert, and why not share??)

Day 1: Falling in Love



Cute video of Eddy sitting on a bed and singing and playing the guitar here!
Park Jiyoon's "One Step Closer"

Sources: Mystic89's Twitter (1, 2, 3), Naver, Eddy's Facebook, Mystic89's Youtube
Translation: Hyunbiased at

I can't for the life of me figure out how to embed a facebook video sorry! This is a mess of a post ugh

I'm super excited! Always love new music from Eddy
, especially self-produced! He's so cute and talented~

Also I really like Park Jiyoon's other song, but since it was a single album I couldn't really make a listening post so I decided to stick it here
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