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Oh Sang Jin and Girls’ Generation Sooyoung to Host the 2014 Miss Korea Pageant

TV personality Oh Sang Jin (“You Who Came from the Stars") and Girls’ Generation's Sooyoung will be hosting the 2014 Miss Korea Pageant, to be held on July 15 at 7PM (KST) at Olympic Hall in Seoul’s Olympic Park. Artists invited to the pageant to perform include DJ KOO, Fly to the Sky, DickPunks, K-Girls, pianist Shin Ji Ho, Jin Jung Hoon, and others.

This won’t be the first time together for Oh Sang Jin and Sooyoung, who co-hosted 2009’s “Fantasy Couple.” Currently, Sooyoung is hosting SBS’ “Night of TV Entertainment,” and Oh Sang Jin Mnet’s “Dancing 9.”

[Netizen Comments]
1. [+1,421, -246] Sooyoung, please never go into acting

2. [+1,030, -262] Sigh... Why did Oh Sang Jin leave MBC... He has no talent, should've just stayed quiet as a 9 o clock news anchor...

3. [+735, -115] Nono to acting

4. [+986, -394] If Sooyoung's the MC, shouldn't it be 'Miss SEA' not 'Miss Korea'?

5. [+790, -270] The break period between each of SNSD's new song releases are getting longer and longer~ Are they giving up on the group...?

6. [+226, -55] Sooyoung gets so much support compared to the actual talent she has

7. [+173, -13] No good Miss Koreas lately, they're not natural but not plastic surgery monsters either

8. [+143, -10] Can we just make a Miss Korea for natural people only?

9. [+199, -88] Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung are not celebrity-level beauties. Nobody would even look at them if they were non-celebrities.

10. [+114, -37] Could they really not find any other anchorwoman? Why Sooyoung of all the choices?

Sources: NetizenBuzz, Soompi

Note: Not celebrity-level beauty, eh?
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