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Taeyang article for GQ: " I thought I would be able to do whatever I wanted for the next album"

Photoshoot was posted here

Some choice quotes from the article:

What Taeyang wanted to do: After [the last album] <Solar>, I didn’t really think much about what to do as far as the next album was concerned. I just went on a lot of trips. As to the next album, I figured I’ll just do whatever I want. The music I was into at the time was very dark, cold underground R&B, and when I tried to make that kind of music, I ended up butting heads with our company a bit.

About dealing with YG: In the end, this place, too, deals with mainstream music and deals with the general public. To compare, I’m the gambler, but I’m not the one who actually decides how to bet. I make the moves, but it’s the company that looks at those moves and makes the bet. And as the company continues to grow in scale, its musical colors have become more varied. Sometimes, it’s still hard to believe a group like Akdong Musician is in our company.

Paris Fashion Week: (Laughs) If we’re going to talk about Paris Fashion Week, it’s a lot of fun watching the shows. But, the whole time, I was uncomfortable with the appearance that I was there just to be seen, a celebrity wanting to be photographed. When, really, if you’ve been invited to a show, it’s simply courtesy to wear their clothes and try to look good… To be honest, the first time I went, it was an escape, in a sense. I would stress and stress about the album and just feel stuck, never getting anywhere. So I left to refresh myself and have a change of pace. But the second time I went, I realized it. What this is about. I don’t think you’ll see me [in that kind of setting] again.

Almost having Cho Yong Pil in RISE: I would have loved to sing ‘Let Go’ with Cho Yong-Pil sunbaenim, so I pursued it, but we were pressed for time and couldn’t make it happen. I went to him with the song, and he told me the music was good, but that he didn’t have the time to sing on it. In a way, I was grateful he declined because I understood that he’s not someone who does anything casually. I didn’t want to rush it either.

You can read the rest of the article here >> Silly for
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