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Bangtan Boys to come out with their own reality program

Idol group Bangtan Boys (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) will be appearing in a new reality program with their name on it.

According to a broadcasting representative on the 10th, BTS will have their very first reality program called ‘Bangtan Boys Baby Gangster’ which will be produced by CJ E&M.

The filming consists of BTS and Big Hit CEO Bang Shi Hyuk working on their comeback album while hanging around in Los Angeles.

Bang Shi Hyuk has also hinted on his Twitter on the 8th by letting everyone know that he was working with famous guitarist Grecco Burratto (Columbia University alumni who is a guitarist for international pop star Shakira’s tour band) and a sound engineer from the States.

Famous hip hop musicians Warren G and Coolio have also revealed on their respective SNS their photos with BTS which have provoked curiosity among fans of the upcoming show on what will happen when rising hip hop idols of Korea meet America’s legendary hip hop musicians.

According to a broadcasting representative, they told Star News, “We plan on revealing the daily lives of BTS of working on music and the preparations that come with their comeback during their stay in America” and “We haven’t decided on the date for the release of the show. If the comeback gets pulled sooner, it can be as early as this summer.”

Meanwhile in June of last year, BTS made their debut with ‘No More Dream’ that had a strong hip hop beat and powerful choreography which allowed them to sweep various rookie awards from end-of-the-year programs. Last May, they released the ‘Skool Luv Affair Special Addition.’

source: star news, trans by wonnie @ bts-trans + bts fb

Edit: there seems to be a mistranslation here and the show is called 'BTS American Hustle Life'
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