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FIESTAR’s “One More” Banned by MBC for Threesome References + lyrics to be modified

According to several broadcast officials, FIESTAR has been banned from MBC for their new song “One More,” the reason being that the new song calls to mind the image of a threesome. While the song initially passed broadcast requirements for the big three broadcasting companies (MBC, SBS, KBS), “One More” soon went right back under the spotlight for its implication of a threesome. Following FIESTAR’s appearance on MBC’s “Show! Music Core,” the song fell under the protests of viewers, as well. KBS and SBS are currently discussing whether or not FIESTAR’s new song is fit for broadcast.

Not only is it the song title “One More” that is under fire, but the lyrics as well: “For you and me / let’s invite one more person / into our room / someone who’s done it more than us / now’s the time / one two three.

Three years after their debut, FIESTAR, with their new sexy concept, is receiving more interest than ever. They are on a steady rise in the music charts, and they have several times made it onto the list of most-searched names.

What do you think? Do you agree with MBC’s decision to ban the song?

source: Ilgan sports via naver + soompi

After FIESTAR’s song “One More” was banned by MBC for its suggestive lyrics, a representative said on July 10 to OSEN that the group would be releasing a new version of the lyrics. “The new lyrics will properly portray the smart phone game this time. Whether or not we will promote using the new lyrics has yet to be determined.

On MBC’s decision to ban their song, FIESTAR’s rep said, “It’s something we have to accept but it’s a little puzzling. The song just portrays playing a smart phone game in a witty way, and it’s a shame that our intent was misinterpreted.

Following their ban on FIESTAR’s “One More,” MBC announced that they would be cracking down on ambiguous lyrics. A “Music Core” rep said to OSEN on July 10, “It’s not just FIESTAR, but a lot of groups’ these days that have songs with really ambiguous phrases, where they could seem suggestive on one hand, but harmless on the other. Because our show airs at a time when broadcasts are censored for children, we will be cracking down on content that can be interpreted in a suggestive manner, regardless of the original intent.

Source: OSEN (1), (2) via Soompi
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