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Key Travels to Ethiopia for '7 Hungry Houseguests’

SHINee’s popoularity has been proven in Ethiopia as well.

July 11’s broadcast of MBC’s 7 Hungry Houseguests will feature the second episode in Ethiopia with SHINee’s Key joining as a new member.

7 Hungry Houseguests is a road reality/variety show that introduces traditional food, culture, history and nature of different countries. Key, who couldn’t join the show with the other members due to his schedule, jumped in later on.

Having earned his status as a ‘variety-dol’ by showing his humorous senses, Key quickly got along with the other members as well as the citizens of the country, thanks to his English skills and friendly personality.

Key also proved SHINee’s global popularity by gathering fans around him everywhere he went in Ethiopia. During a dinner with the other members at a hosting family’s house, Key’s fans visited, leading to a spontaneous fan meeting. Key reportedly hugged each of his fans upon seeing them tearing up to see him in person.

Source: mwave

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