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FNC Entertainment’s New Rookie Boy Band N.Flying’s Debut Postponed Due to Leader’s Knee Injury


FNC Entertainment, the home of popular bands FTISLAND and CNBLUE, as well as girl group AOA, has announced that their new rookie boy band N.Flying’s debut date has been pushed back more than three months.

N.Flying consists of four members: leader, main vocal, and guitarist Lee Seung Hyub, bassist Kwon Kwang Jin, drummer Kim Jae Hyun, and guitarist Cha Hoon.

It has been reported that N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub injured the cartilage in his knee after falling over in an accident on July 7, causing a delay in the group’s debut preparations.

Lee Seung Hyub received cartilage surgery at a hospital in Seoul on July 10. He has been told that he will have to be on crutches for at least six weeks and go through at least three months of rehabilitation therapy in order to fully recover.

Fans who have been anticipating the group’s upcoming debut showed their concern for the leader’s condition after seeing him receive treatment at the hospital. A representative of FNC Entertainment stated that N.Flying’s debut, originally scheduled for this summer has been postponed, and they will be focusing on Lee Seung Hyub’s recovery for the time being.

However, you will be able to see N.Flying’s drummer, Kim Jae Hyun, in the upcoming SBS drama “Modern Farmer,” acting as the role of Han Ki Joon, who is a drummer for the band Ex-So (Excellent Souls), alongside FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, as the band’s leader and vocalist within the drama.

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