booty rockin despair syndrome (b1gay4) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
booty rockin despair syndrome

BESTie "Like A Star" MV for 1st anniversary

"Bestie will reveal the single 'Like a Star' on July 12, 2014 on the day of the 1 year anniversary. The song was written by composer Hong Ji Sang and Lee Wu Min. It's a romantic R&B hip-hop number featuring hip-hop beats and brit-pop codes. Bestie members sing in their best charming voices in 'Like a Star', as a way to prove their love for the fans that shines 'like a star'. "


the song is cute im happy 4 my girls :^) also idk why this was reposted, mods can delete my post...also PLEASE TAKE OFF MY POST LIMIT I HAVE 2 RLLY COOL ONES 2 MAKE :^(((
Tags: bestie, music video
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